Education Support

LTkaS7lFEducation is expensive but without it today, it is almost impossible to achieve. In the past merely receiving a high school diploma was enough to help you get a job. Today the competition is global! An undergraduate degree is assumed. A Masters degree is preferred!

There are lots of grants, and scholarship programs, and other financial aid options available. Your family might have even invested long term in a tax deferred 529 education fund for you starting way back when you were a child! All of these are great! All of these come with strings, limitations for usage, and other controls that might not accommodate your immediate need.

Scholarship.Life exists to provide supplemental financial support for education. Our scholarship funds are growing all of the time. All of the donations we receive are invested into long term Vanguard investment funds so that the principle will remain as safe as possible allowing the interest to be used to fund scholarship awards year after year.

At the end of each month all of the scholarship donations that we collect are invested into their respective funds. As the principle increases so to do the number and value of our annual scholarship awards.