Good Shepard’s

What really sets Scholarship.Life apart

Scholarship.Life is the educational scholarship division of The Funding Life Corporation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. The founders of The Funding Life Corporation were dismayed to see how much waste and abuse was involved in so many of the worlds disaster relief and charity organizations. Literally billions of dollars were being donated by well meaning people who were assuming that their hard earned contribution would be put to good use. Unfortunately this was just not the case vary often.


Even the most revered charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, March of Dimes, and UNICEF are fraught with accusations of miss use of funds. In some of the worst cases as little as .10 cents of every dollar donated will make its way past the rampant corporate waste and overhead expenses to reach the intended recipient! That is 90% to overhead and expenses and as little as 10% to program recipients!

The Funding Life Corporation turns this equation around! While every operation has costs, we work diligently and as transparently as possible, to keep our total operating costs below 15% of total funds raised! This lets us place not just 10% but 85% or more of all funds raised directly where it was intended.

Scholarship.Life and the low cost of managing and operating scholarship investment funds is one of our primary tools in accomplishing this percentage. Our primarily online and crowd-funded  campaigns keep our costs very low and our staff consists largely of volunteers. This means that more of the money collected goes to the point of need … the students.